Fresh Meat Festival is a three-day music and dance festival of trailblazing queer and trans performance. Finding home in San Francisco, Fresh Meat goes beyond centering trans and queer artists; in all aspects, this festival is planned with a mosaic of bodies and needs in mind. Tickets are on a sliding pay scale (with no ID required to purchase or pick up!) and accessibility information is front and center: ramps, accessible bathrooms, armless chairs, scent-reduced areas, all-gender bathrooms, and ASL interpreters available for every performance. Fresh Meat is not just put on each year, rather it is curated. The performers—ranging from queer boy bands to comedic storytelling to vogue ensembles—provide a breadth of expression and experience not often afforded to trans creatives in culture, let alone performance.

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Inventing Adulthood: Four Novels Reveal the Magic of Queer Self-Actualization


What does it mean to come of age as a 20-something queer person with no money, no resources, and no illusions about respectability? Black Wave is one of several recent books—including Andrea Lawlor’s Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl (2017), Ariel Gore’s We Were Witches (2017) and Chelsey Johnson’s Stray City (2018)—that seek to answer this question, and each author insists that queer self-actualization requires a radically different approach to adulthood.

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