Fast-paced, confrontational, and tender in unexpected moments, this poetry collection mimics, panics, and compromises the trappings of modern capitalism, queerness, and disability.

RUN. charts Youngblood Gregory’s coming of age and draws on news clippings, feminist theory, and the body to reckon with the power(lessness) of queerness.

Covering an array of translucent, highly cogent, playful registers, the intensely evocative electric poems from Sara Youngblood Gregory’s RUN. are raw, peregrinated, biblical, socially and sexually sharp. Youngblood Gregory is bold and brave in both form and content, addressing disability and tragedy and heartache with extraordinary depth of psychological clarity and lexical humor. Their chapbook is witty, chromatically stimulating, and has a subliminal bite of both esoteric eroticism and life-torn melancholy that makes the readers feel profoundly attached to the un-binary lovers of pain and language. Reading this pithy collection in one sitting will make you feel like you have been personally and timelessly electrocuted by the intensity and high voltage of their queer brilliance, beauty, and their life’s inevitable pathos.

–VI KHI NAO, author of Sheep Machine Fish in Exile

Sara Youngblood Gregory’s poems smolder, simmer, and burn. This collection demonstrates passion and intensity; it fires up clarity and justice and illuminates queer lives.

–Julie R. Enszer, author of Avowed and editor of Sinister Wisdom

As its title suggests, Run. is in forward movement, filled with an untamed vitality, no less aware of the many distances the body and mind are forced to travel in the transformative act that is survival.

–Cinita Santana, Professor of Poetry and Fiction, Stanford University and author of The Disordered Alphabet